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Carol Wheeler
  • Female
  • Melbourne, Victoria
  • Australia
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    everybody Hurts

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What is a garden without a little rain?

Started Nov 8, 2011 0 Replies

What is a garden without a little rainWhat is life without a little trouble and strifeWhat is a heart that doesn't feel a little painWhy do you ask me these questionsWhy don't you knowWe are here for…Continue

Tags: sad., and, happy, garden, Life

Don't bring me down

Started Nov 7, 2011 0 Replies

I believe that we don't mean to but we can make ourselves sickDisease is caused from dis-ease something happens in our life that causes so much stress it causes our bodies to react.I believe this now…Continue

Tags: health, and, Happiness

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Profile Information

Do you remember your past lives?
not sure
Where you perform rituals?
I don't perform rituals
Forest of choice:
Olinda forest
Any Pets?
Pet Details?
Dogs and birds
yes 2
Erotic Orientation:
Normal, Fetish, S&M, Shaved, Role Plays
Sex Drive:
Erotic,Tantric, SexMagick status:
Goddess of Love, Sexy Dominatrix
People you like:
I like honest and open people who aren't afraid to be themselves.
People you hate:
people who think money is the be all and end all of everything.
It's just stuff people you can't take it with you.
Best City in the World:
I haven't been everywhere so I don't know yet.

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Posted on November 10, 2011 at 3:52pm 1 Comment

Such a beautiful tiny flower

Is the forget-me-not

How could I ever forget my true love

I think of you every hour

Soft blue petals just like your eyes

Somehow they keep me mesmerized

When I hold you time stands still

I'll love you forever and you know I will

You throw your seeds of love everywhere

Some call them weeds but I don't care

I just can't help but stare

at my tiny flowers in my garden

I'll forgive the world and…


Pictures of you

Posted on November 10, 2011 at 3:47pm 1 Comment

I know how to smile and laugh
And I know how to cry
As I remember you and all that we had
I thank you for that photograph

When I miss you
And I'm feeling blue
I know just what to do

I look again at the pictures of you
Some old and some new
Beauty isn't just skin deep
It's you in my dreams when I sleep

She's safe in heaven

Posted on November 10, 2011 at 3:44pm 1 Comment

I held the hand of a little girl lost

We walked for awhile together

She told me about her life

She lived her life so fast

And now she had to pay the cost

She said she was lost in the dark and in her past

I said I'll hold your hand and help you find your way

Slowly the clouds blow away and she saw the sunshine

I could hold her hand tight enough

She was drawn into the light

She had too much pain here

So she took flight…


Show me the way to heaven

Posted on November 10, 2011 at 3:16pm 1 Comment

Show me the way to heaven I cried

But my angel said no

Free me from my chains

My angel still said no

Please I need to be free I begged

My angel said no

What must I do I cried

You know what to do she said with a smile

No I cried I don't have a clue

My angel looked at me with tears in my eyes

She simply said live

I cried no I don't want to anymore

It's too hard without you near

She smiled into my eyes and…


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At 11:36pm on January 23, 2012, Jillian Anka said…

The broken Chain

By Renee’


Little did we know?

That morning

Our Goddess beckoned you

She called to you

The Goddess called your name


In life we all loved you dearly

In death we miss you sadly

It broke our hearts to lose you

You did not go alone

For part of us went with you

The day the Goddess called you home


You left us loving memories

Your love is still our guide

Our hearts yearn for your care

And though we cannot see you

We all know

You are always at our side


Our love chain is broken

And nothing seems the same

But as the Goddess calls us

One by one

Our love chain will link again


At 11:34pm on January 23, 2012, Jillian Anka said…

At 11:16pm on January 23, 2012, Jillian Anka said…

At 11:37am on January 20, 2012, Jillian Anka said…

The meaning of you

By Renee’


You are the sun in my day

The wind in my sky

The waves in my ocean

And you are the beat in my heart


All my dreams came true the day that I met you

I Love You!

You are the sunshine of my life

Thanks for brightening up my world

With the warmth of your Love


You are the fire that burns the passion within my soul

I love You with all my heart

I want to be your arms

I want to feel your touch

I want your lips on mine

I want to feel your smooth skin against mine

I need you so much


I want to stare into your eyes

And never look away

I want you to hold me in your arms

And tell me it’s okay

I want to kiss with a passion that only we can share

And when I fall down I want you to be there

Next to me

To pick me up and hold me in your arms

Keep me safe


Put your head to my heart

Hear the beating of my burning desire

As your love flows around my body

Close your mouth around mine

And taste all I am

Feel my heat

Let my desire be your fire

You light up a fire deep inside me

Every time you come close to me

 See the pure, raw love I hold for you

And let us burn together


We can already see each other’s flames flicker in ecstasy

Together as one

Always and Forever


Looking into your eyes I can see your beauty

Looking into your soul I can see passion

Looking into your mind I can see intelligence

But looking into your heart I can see the world

My world

A world I want to keep forever


I never tell you enough

How much i love you

And how much I care

If you look inside my heart

You will see it beats for you

You are always deep within the caverns of my heart

 You are in my thoughts every moment of every day


I wish I were a tear

So I could roll down your cheek

And drop onto your lips

And be your taste

That fills your heart with my love

I love you


Love is the passion we feel inside of our hearts

That we can't hide

Sometimes we pretend to hide it

But the desire burns us

More and more

Until the pain grows and grows

And it never ends


"Passion" a word which involves so many of my feelings for you

I feel it when we touch

I feel it when we kiss

I feel it when I look at you

I feel it when you make love to me

For you are my passion

My one true love


I envy any girl that has ever hugged U

Cuz in that 1 moment

They held my whole world in their arms

You are my Passion

There are some things in life that catch your eye

And then

There are those that capture your heart

Your pursue is to enslave my heart

Imprison my soul

You are the spark

That ignites my desire

You are the flame that heats me up

And sends me to places no one can

I love you

I am you


At 11:39am on January 16, 2012, Jillian Anka said…

A Blessing For My Friends


 May happiness bless you in many ways.

May love come to you for many days. 

This wiccan light I shine on thee. 

For you are all loved by me. 

May your days be full of love. 

For your spirit takes flight like a dove. 

The Goddess bless, and the Goddess endure. 

For we all know your hearts are pure. 

In love and light blessings upon thee, this is the spell cast from me



At 11:34am on January 16, 2012, Jillian Anka said…

Seeking my pathway to happiness

By Renee’


Finding no path for the comfort of my mind

I shunned advice from words of wisdom

I ventured forward

Without abandon

Only holding my compass of life

To find the real me


Searching the highways and streets of silver wishes

I passed through memory’s villages

And seeing a pretty young girl waving from her doorway

A simple smile she gave

And went back to her childish games

The adult in me frowned

Looked again

And saw that child was me

And I smiled


Reading life’s diary

Verses of adversary

 Finding that impossible dream

Dreams of shelter shed kisses

With love notes that turned into blue Mondays


Standing on a busy street

With hoards of faceless people

 Stampeding past me

As a myriad of emotions

Raced through my spinning mind

As I desperately seek shelter

In a geyser of sultry thoughts


A serpent tried to whisper her secrets to me

I gasped, turned my head

And quickly walked away

Through a forest of fear I stumbled


I was overcome by sad emotions

Of a life that could have been

As I walked further down this path of destruction

I looked up as saw an angel

Circling above me

A free spirit

Daring any would-be predator to show herself

I reached out my hand

Desperately seeking her guidance


I was overcome with an ocean of regrets

She landed beside me

And looked at me with her golden smile

I shielded my eyes from her pearl white skin

That glowed like fresh snow

In the bright sunlight

I begged her

Take me to your secret place

Where darkness had never been

And pain was transformed into smiles


She smiled

And gently touched my face

Your life is much like a fire

She explained

Warm from a loving heart

Charred by the burning pain of cancer

Seek only the warmth in you

And this will extinguish the pains of life


In the dawn

I climbed the tree of knowledge

And looked over this jungle called life

Full of frustration and futility

I saw my track of pain

A self-inflicted misery

I climbed down from this infliction

To the realization

I am still alive

I could hear

The applause of her raptor’s wings


I found my haunted soul

And exorcised the demons by laughing out loudly

A baby girl crawled from the ashes

And she smiled at me

I stopped in my tracks

Because I recognized her

Again, she was me

I realized that

I must take one step at a time

For time is all I have

And away with presumptions

For my fear is my Presumption


At 3:29am on January 13, 2012, Jillian Anka said…

Renee' may be gone, but she'll never be forgotten.
My heart breaks with thoughts of you
The kisses I could never give
And hugs we never shared
You were taken from me far to soon
I never got to say good bye
Every day I cry for you
And every night I see you in my dreams
Even though you are gone
You'll never be forgotten!

we miss you Renee'


At 11:49pm on January 11, 2012, Jillian Anka said…

For Carol Wheeler


A Dream Come True

From Jilly Bear


In the middle of the night

I awaken

Dreams on my mind

Love in the making

Was it the kiss?

The moister on my lips

Or maybe the Goosebumps

From the caress of your fingertips


Hear the pounding of my heart beat

Love surrounding the night in heat

Never fails

My dreams of you

To awaken by love that is true

I don't mind my nights awake

When it's dreams of you that I make

Those dreams are made-up of what lie inside

A swollen heart of love


You’re my joy and that I pride.

I can't think of a better reason why

You stole my heart

You caught my eye

And so long as I have you

I have a dream come true


At 10:10pm on January 8, 2012, Whitney Lane said…

Thank you for the friend invite Carol~Blessings Be

At 5:10pm on December 30, 2011, Melissa Kara said…

Blessings Carol. Have a good new year, and let's hope what comes after is not going to be too bad !




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