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According to NING policy (NING is the platform of this community), nude pics & explicit sex pics CANNOT be post!

I had several problems with some members here, that likes to be free to post anything they want like this being their own facebook personal page instead of a community. This is not possible. I don't make the rules, NING do. If I will allow posting nudity this community can be deleted by NING at anytime. Not respecting these rules then will lead also to profile deletion.

Finally, not for a moralistic reason, neither to be your censor, but just to apply to NING rules in order to keep alive this community, I invite all of you to help me, maintaining a minimum level of discipline not posting too much explicit pics and nudity in general.

Thanks. -  Founder


from NING rules: "• No more nudity: We will no longer permit nudity of any kind on the Ning platform. A little over a year and a half ago, we prohibited the upload of adult content and pornography to the Ning platform. At the time, we said that nudity that wasn’t adult in nature would still be allowed. Unfortunately, many of the issues that caused us to stop supporting adult content in the first place are still arising on networks that post content with nudity. We believe that the implementation of this policy will further reduce abuse on the Ning platform and will create a clean, well-lit environment for Network Creators as well as the advertisers and partners you choose to work with. Network Creators and members will have thirty days (until August 20th) to remove any nudity they may have uploaded to the Ning Platform prior to today or to transition their networks off of the platform...."

To clarify what we define as adult content, nudity or pornography, networks that contain the following would clearly NOT be allowed:

  • Depictions or images of sexual acts or implied sexual activity
  • Nudity (exposed or see-though coverage of areas typically covered by a bathing suit or underwear)
  • Graphic photos or videos
  • Fetishes

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I can understand that explicit pictures should not be posted but nudes?
Some nude photos are so beautiful.
Isn't this a site for free spirited people?
Freedom to the people :)
Blessed be.

I understand Carol but your perspective is not appropriate to this case.

As I said it is our host NING that makes the rule and unfortunately the perspective of the 'free spirit', which is my personal perspective, is out of the picture here.

I like to add that tecnically by nudity NING forbids the showing of a naked body. Like the genitals, or sexual action like in the case of the pics of your friend Bethany, which were showing the sexual action of two women naked kissing each others...

Overall in this Official worldwide community of the Pagans, the independent 'Free spirit' behavior in a community of thousands of souls cannot be intended as a 'personal facebook page freedom' or everybody will be eventually entitled to put the pic of his favored 'daddy dick or mommy pussy' naked pic just cause we are free spirit...lol

In any case please send all your suggestions and complaints to NING, not to me.

I truely have no problem with rules I just wanted it clearer for people to see. And no I don't need nudity I like talking and meeting new people.
I am happy with the way it is now thanks.
But I also don't need to be made out as the bad guy here either I just wanted to know what was going on. This is a community after all isn't it? I like to have my say and if it brings out more people talking I'm happy :P

I really don't think nudity is what this site is about so fair enough rules are rules people. I like how's the subject has got us talking though let's keep our hearts open and our minds.
Blessed Be.

Nudity is not really a problem since Pagans generally speaking, at least me, are not puritans & close minded people, but free spirit by their own definition...enjoying freedom, free love at time etc... you know that, I do not have to keep saying that. The only problem here is NING and their rules which are surely not the 'best' match for certain aspects and needs of a typical Pagan community. On the other hand NING services, especially their software platform, is really good, cool, fast and reliable. So that at the end I think I made a good choice choosing NING for this community.

To make it simple, this is not a convent or a puritan community, not AT ALL!!  We need only to moderate our 'wild postings' about sex (ouch!..) and nudity in general. I live it to you the choice and discrimination of the decency of the level. I can always delete pics sometimes, as I did yesterday with one at Skyclad, even if I prefer not to watch this site as an 'eagle' searching for 'heretic' sex oriented pics...lol...

In fact we have sections of this site, like the Skyclad group, when I can close sometimes an eye...kind of...lol

Thanks for your help & understanding...

Rules are Rules and yes I suppose even Wiccan’s must conform… I was amazed at the questions asked in the opening sign up page, there are some quite sexual connotations to the questions asked.

If I may ask, writings of a sexual nature is, NOT PORN! Is that also BANNED??

Only asking

Blessed be


Yes, correct, you must conform, always keeping in mind that these rules are made by NING and not by me. If was just for me for sure everybody here will be free to post any kind of nudity, sex, devotional sex, fetish pics...etc...they like it!!...I would have have also more people in the community and less problem of control!

As you mentioned, I tried to minimize with a bit of sarcasm the NING censorship aspect, like in the case of the questions in the opening page, which contains sexual connotations, which also some of you showed to like it.

I think then that free speech is not a problem here, unless it becomes too heavy and too much explicit.

I'm not sure about definitions of sex or porn...let's be out of this subtle differentiations, that today are crystallized in a improper 'meaning' most of the time.

I think that there is also a problem of style here...If I can say even in cases like Aleister Crowley that was really famous to use sex in his magical rites or the most contemporary Anton LaVey I never saw vulgar pics or too much explicit pics there.

However like the Latin said we need to use, in this case, things with 'Granum salis', meaning not to abuse them but to use it in a moderate way.

Finally let me acknowledge that we are in front of the 'internet reality' when in few clicks you can jump from a site of pedant & serious philosophers to a site of wild BS sex with annexed homosexual nasty vampires...lol...

This is an aspect of the modern world, a big minestrone called the 'global village's Babel tower', with all annexed differentiations of rules and behavior. We need to survive with all of this opposite paradoxycal situations!...lol...

Like in this case being free spirit but also applying to NING censorship rules which can dress better a puritan rather than a Pagan soul!...

But don't shoot the Founder for that!...always lol...

Reply appreciated thank you.


Drat, there was nudity and I missed it?

Does anyone know what exactly prompted the policy change ? Founder do you have any ideas ?

I understand this is a site of free spirits and open mind people...BUT unfortunately this is NING new policy...is not my decision. this is the link to their new 'criteria' about nudity, adult stuff etc.: http://www.ning.com/about/legal/adult-content/


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