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I have been teaching a while and have been taught by a range of dancers. As a teacher I have had some interesting discussions with other teachers on When to get serious about arms and hands. I like to make my lessons :full body" lessons, finding that teaching every level of the body in coordination helps to promote greater isolation. I have heard some teachers say they don't really do hands and arms until about the second year after they have hips and chest down?
Any comments?

Love and Light

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Some of my teachers has taken actual lessons from her. I have never had the honor of meeting her myself but have seen many of her instruction videos and studied and copied her style extensively. I am actually using a great deal of her stuff at a dance expo I am performing in August. I find it very demanding to perfect her moves. You almost have to have the right body shape and form to pull some of them off with the same visual effect she has. I suppose if I were 5' nothing and weighted a plug nickle it would help...heheh..
I like to get opinions from new dancers. I think it really helps to teach when you get a better idea of how your students learn. What is "to much" and what is not enough"
Do any have an example of "To much or not enough" as far as lesson experience?
I tend to think a lot of teachers want to get done with the basics a little to soon for my taste. I understand wanting to get to the more fun moves that come with advance classes but I think a lot of people either need to learn the basics of both hips/chest and arm/hands and have refresher courses regularly so they stay sharp then hurry up learn them and then forget them so we can move on.

I've never taught but, as Rowan can attest, I have taken a lot of classes including one of hers as well as taken a class or two with her. I like an even balance and love classes that actually give you some kind of choreography that has an even mix of both hip/chest and arm/hands.
"Too much or not enough"

I think when you are first learning that when a teacher doesn't have an even amount of moves between hips/chest and arms/hands a newer dancer might get the idea that one is more important than the other. I've had teachers from both camps. One thinks that hips/chest movements is where it's at while an other thinks arms/hands are the bread and butter.
So even mix is my advice for beginners.
I have had two teachers do two different methods. My main teacher that I have been with for years always adds the arms on later, and it seems a bit tougher for me to pick up, as opposed to the teacher that had me do the arms at the same time. If I struggled with the footwork, she would then say to not worry about the arms until I got the footwork down. So, I think it is best to teach the arms or at least show what you want the arms to do and have them start with the arms as soon as they feel comfortable.


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