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What gets you in the mood? What do you feel most comfortable dancing to? Traditional? Arabic? New Age? Goth? Industrial? I have seen people dance to anything and everything? What do you like?

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I will have to check that out!
I love live music.. Rocki and the Caveman - are a great group to swing it to.... Ishtar would have to be my favorite middle eastern band. I have seen them a number of times live and know their clarinet player. As a musician and a dancer I find them to be one of the tightest groups around and their music is extremely interesting to dance to.

I also love Turku. I tend to stick with the more traditional music for dancing. Jesse Cook (spanish/middle eastern) guitar is another musician that was sent here by some type of Dancing God to take us to the next world.

My favorite flat out traditional band is The Scabland Band.....
my number one is shakira


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