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Below is a brief  recap of our conditions with many of the most basic issues that can lead you to a fast profile deletion if not followed.  We prefer a community based on sharing information and perspectives or providing opinions or even educating about whatever topics you want to discuss... under the restriction of  not selling or promoting anything.

At NeopaganWorld you cannot
1. Post explicit nude photos, showing genitals, pelvic regions or sex acts, nor Post explicit sex chat.
2. Do shameless self-promotion, like post advertising or publicity of any kind, including links, banners, videos.
3. Sell merchandise or products, or promote other social networking communities, nor in the forums, groups or by e-mail.
3. Post any explicit pics of cruelty of any kind or threatening other members.
4. SPAM in any way or bothering the whole community with bulk e-mail.
5. Cast spells, curses, charms in this community or in the public chat.
6. No racism among members.
7. Do not post or upload any items for which you do not have the copyright:"By making any content available on this social network, you represent and warrant that you own or have licensed all rights necessary to properly do so."
Not following the above can lead to a profile deletion....

IMPORTANT: For questions or complaints address them to our community moderator miss Rebecca H.

I also add that as the founder of the Community I'm NOT responsible for any of the third party content: content that people will show or post in this community, or any advice offered by other members. 
I will try then my best to be impartial and let the flow of posting be free from any judgement or censorship, unless the post will infringe our "IMPORTANT RULES" above.

Finally, I choose as my direct supporters the "congenial" Miss Rebecca H. for Community Moderator and the "infallible" Jim Paganus for the Community Detective.  Rebecca H. is available for your concerns or questions you cannot answer yourself about the administration of the community.  Jim will take care that our Rules are followed.

Thanks in advance for your understanding and cooperation, which I will surely need.

luv & lux,

Neopagan World Community
Founder & Visionaire

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