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Almost everyone in this planet percieves men to be the ones who carry strength do to their physical genetics. I was raised by single mother and I've been around enough females to see the strength a real woman carries within her and I can honestly say that the strength a woman carries can be matched by no man, wether if they are giving birth, or making a living in a system of existance that subjectifies them and beats them down. Even in nature it's the female that will sacrifice her life to save her babies. In the past 3000 years at least the female has brutalized by the male in almost all cultures of the planet regarless of location. This is shameful and wrong. After all it is the female that brings life to this planet, and when you look closely, our beautiful planet itself is female and she is a mother, she is the mother of all living things. Where we are today as men we need take a look at what we have done and take responsibility and work towards balancing the scales between the two sexes. Although some men might argue and say they had nothing to do with the actions of other men it doesn't matter, we're being called by the ethers to stand up and take responsibility on behalf of all men. We need to understand that we are not here to posses women or feel threatened by what they bring to the table, but we are here to aid them menally, emotionally, physically and most importantly love them. So today us man have a lot work to do so we can balance to injustice and 3000 years of injustice can not be balanced over night. Ultimitely healing the feminine will start healing our Mother Earth who has been suffering since men have walked the planet. Now I ask all real men to stand up and step forward to balance the scales. I urge you to first take a look at yourself and look back at the times where you lacked love for the female, or how contributed to the injustice. From there on we can move forward with the healing of the feminine one day at a time by doing things differently.
-Gio Kandemir-

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