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I'm a very young 54 years old belly dancer. I am an active dance performer teacher, my mate is 38. I have 2 daughters in their 20's. Most of my friends are in 20-30's. My friends my age I note are slowing down by not me. I am passionate about my career of belly dance for the past 36 years of performing and teaching. I have seen a lot and I am still full of steam moving forward. I attribute it to my ritual philosophy about belly dance. Which is very different from our preconditioned surface ideas about dance.

I have been a leader and a visionary pioneer in the belly dance world in many ways. Thus my company is called Visionary Dance . (See my web site with same name). It was born in the 80's. I began producing belly dance instructional videos with a different twist. I love middle eastern influence (don't get me wrong) However I am an emancipated women. Instead of bowing to the Middle East I took strength from being an American woman, independent, creative and dedicated to an ancient calling that woman were hearing all over America beginning in 1970 and presently it's spread to the world. belly dance is an act of empowerment and a reclaiming of your power. This is very much contrary to the image of slave girl of the Middle East. Many years of fighting the medias portrayal of belly dance have past. Slowly as more generations of belly dance have arrived things are changing. This dance has a common denominator but instead of a country, it's about the body hearts and souls of "women" that this dance pays allegiance to. It's about what makes us different. The capacity to witness the entrance of life into this world. We stand at the threshold. We are the true dervishes. . . .

Today I woke up today looking back on the past decades wondering what happened to the pagan folk I used to know? Did they dwindle since 9/11?
The 80's and 90's were rich in association. However even before 9/11 there was shift in the air.
I started to try to research on line and got such conflicting reports. Anyway thats how I ended up here and joined this web site. I feel strongly the Goddess is about to return in very full force!

If there are belly dancers on this site please join my yahoo group Neighborhood-Temple-Priestess. You will see how we involve belly dance and community and benefit the Earth.


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Comment by faith on August 29, 2009 at 12:38pm
im a belly dancer ! :) thats awesome that your doing this. p.s " I feel strongly the Goddess is about to return in very full force!" i feel you

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