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from decay to a new day, stays, and turns into the blight, light of the darkness shroud me with delight

took her as a slave

back to the cave
gave her a chance
to talk with me and dance
end the shit and fucked her with my lance
stance at the stage
wont set her out the cage
turn the page im a mage
brand a rune on her leg
pentagram on the stand
watched her beg
lovely loki's playing with the band
strand of feathers from the harpy guarding the moon of hell
belle was it~ kick and scream, but you know its not gonna end swell
quell your senses! i demand your consent
lament in your mind
for kind i wont be
so stop and listen.
just listen to me
i wont set you free
you shall feel pain as pleasure and you shall become a part of the ash of the tree
agree, yes dear~ you'll become an essence beyond humanity
it might sound like absolute insanity
but thats what we are, beings defining the boarders of sanity
empathize you wont, due to your vanity
or maybe you dont want to surrender to total calamity
but its a fact that i must regard my lord with amity
cut through her heart piercing through to the end
pretend its a dream
a fast paced stream
cast a spell to begin loki's births from her womb
awaken my lord from your tomb
forsaken you are dear this is the worst part
images to ghastly and morbid to depict in art
dart one by one three large eggs killing the girl in the process
roses i threw on her corpless grave
deprave beings that hatched
latched onto the skin of the girl and began rotting
bloting and bloating with ulcers and decaying matter
water dark as coal and foul as death
inhaled the air as if it were my first true breath
hailed as from the smagma of putrefaction the life of the master arose
blows his horn and takes three steps
preps the air for the spell
and boom we are at the very pits of hell
belle under the care of the archangels
tell me something why did you silence the mortal
what would had happen without the portal
that your malignancy is none of your importance
disordinance in the air
fair, you and your mindless purposes
pare yourself from constraint
dare me to surrender to my body?
forgive me, i have no desire to be godly
oddly, im the king at this game
all the comotion, all the craze, we are to blame
plain and simple, we are chaos,we are the flame
tame this mortals and leave the mark of our stain
until the next dead moon hope for a bloody rain

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