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The Goddess in the Tree

As I walk down he sidewalk and am looking at the trees

I can see the Goddess. I think about her birth. The spring rains touch her roots and it

bubbles through her veins. The warm spring sun touches her branches

and she springs forth her leaves, in a way, her children.

All through the summer her leaves dance and play in the breeze causing the

Goddess to laugh with joy in the warm summer sun. Sometimes a storm would strike

and she would dances in the fury of it’s winds and rains, not even in the life of a

Goddess are things always sunny.

In the fall She weeps as her children begin to get carried away by the wind

Or fall to their final resting place at her feet. As a tree She shows not her tears,

but the loss of her leaves sting one by one. They lay at her base waiting for the

cold of Winter to help them keep her alive.

In the Winter, the Goddess morns, she is bare, cold, and sad. If you listen to the

wind thru her branches you can hear her weeping and crying for her children.

At her base the snows cover the leaves as they break down and give her the

nutrients to survive the winter and renew again in the spring.

Time moves on and spring comes again and the water bubbles thru her roots and

veins. The sunshine caresses her branches and she again springs forth with laughter

as the leaves, her children come forth again. In the warm breezes she dances as her

leaves flutter prettily in the wind.

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