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Just been on a trip to Egypt that left me a bit concerned. This trip was very different from the start and I felt disjointed from the minute I got off the plane and started walking down the side streets. On the forth day into the trip I was wandering down a path when I felt as if I was in two places at once. My feet wanted to go forward but my head and heart was telling me to go back. I took a couple of steps and then fell over and onto my rear where the driver who had dropped me off found me a little while later.

I had no awareness of time passing but almost two hours had gone by with me sitting there. The friekiest part was that there was that I saw a red line round my neck in the rearview mirror that the driver could not see when I asked him about it. It looked like a mark left from something pulled tightly accross my throat - in this case my anka which I wear on a thin chain which was given to me by a dear friend Jenna before she passed away about 10 years ago.

I love ancient history in all its forms and my favourite occupation is to wander round the old buildings and graveyards listening to their whispers of history and stories those old walls and art forms tell if one would only listen. I have few fears - slept in Coventry graveyard in one of the "mosileums" once when I got locked in by accident and slept like a log (caretaker told me afterwards I had slept in the "haunted cript") But THIS has never happened before and has me a bit freaked out.

Does anyone have any suggestions because Im out of ideas other than that it was a flashback from the past and the neck "wound" was Jenna trying to get me to safety. She was fully wicca and we were soul sisters and it was her mother that gave me my name of Raven so I wouldnt put it past her to still be there for me.

I have no one to ask so ideas would be appreciated.

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