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I have worked my way beyond titles and Degrees, they are meaningless.

I have studied for years and once found a degree and title important. You tend to reach a plateau that says to your soul, "We are all just pilgrims along the path. When I can teach, I am honored to learn once again!" Fancy Wiccan schools tend to stifle a person as well as their abilities. Spend years in an environment that you have nothing else to learn. Somewhat a monastic Magickal environment.

This earned me degree after degree and honor after honor. Still, walking around the real world taught me the last important lesson: we are all followers of a path that can be far more ancient than writing, who is to say what a degree means.

We all tend to shun authority, but that should be no reason to shun a deserving person's achievements. Modern society has far too few rites of passage. Sure, you get your license, you reach drinking age, and you marry (or engage in other committed behavior), but rites of passage are sadly lacking. The Craft brings this back to society in a meaningful way. It is healthy and closes gaps between less mature places in life! Perhaps with better rites of passage our society would suffer less pedophillia!

Consider seriously, I am of an age in the Craft where I give no care to an authoritarian degree, but allow no one's rite of passage to anger any Pagan, Wiccan, or Druid. These titles pass!

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Comment by sharon on November 2, 2010 at 5:40am
Agreed - thats what I like about being Hedge. I study the craft in general and use what I feel fits and feels right - degrees and lectures aside many a positive lession can be learnt just by being, seeing whats around you and listening to your soul

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