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why are people so cruel and demeaning we judge others on things they were born with! things they cant change! A girl is walking down the hall her hair is white because she was born an albino, people call her a freek! why is she so different because she isnt like you? because her eyes make you feel guilty, because shes kind to everyone even though she knows they talk about her. A boy is walking through school his eyes are two different colors hes a product of incest bullies are constantly hastling him hey you freek theyll call how your mom or do you call her auntie? how could he possibly help that he was born from a brother and sister he cant! So sometimes someones face isnt as clear of acne as yours is or their lips are too thin or they are fat. People can't always help it! genetics is one thing you can't change! and why do we insist to make people feal bad?! how would we feel if someone noticed our insicurity about our big ears or our hideouse pimples what if they noticed one of our eyes twitched?! how would we feal if someone hastled us?!!! dont insist on hurting someone if they cant help it because a lot of the times we have promblems just as bad sometimes even worse and to tell you the truth bullies are the freeks because they CAN help their attitude towards people but they chose to make them feal insicure so remember before you say something mean to someone either your enemy your mom or even your best freind think hey when i say this it'll make ME the freek!!!

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Comment by bratchild on April 14, 2012 at 10:02pm

I find the bullies are usually hiding much bigger defects than those they bully.  And while I understand that intellectually, emotionally I cry out for them to STOP!  And at some point, I stop caring that they hurt too. 

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