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Allow us to move outside the box for a while. In the space outside the box we may explore any territory we wish to travel. In this realm we can journey where we want without fear of reprisal, for we do it hand in hand with each other, through levels and planes of thought.

Imagine a time on Earth before humans existed . . . plants growing and dying with the season, only to start growing again when the sun became warm enough to nurture each plant and warmer rains fell to dampen the soil which is their roots’ home. Insects, reptiles, birds and early mammals flourished in the climes to which they had each adapted. The air and water, pure and unmolested by pollutants, allowed them to be born, grow old and die in their natural manner. The strong and those best adapted to their natural habitat survived longer than their weaker or less adapted neighbors. Where more rains fell, more lush plant life existed upon which the vegetarian species fed and thrived. Due to the abundance of these lives, carnivores also increased in number, keeping the herbivore populations in check so as not to consume all the plant life and eventually starve their own populace.

There was a natural order to the Earth – birth and death.

Imagine then that a power more mighty than our collective imaginations’ could conceive looked upon the Earth and saw that it was good. What a wonderful world, full of order and beauty . . . but spiritually bereft. So this Power waited and watched until, through evolution and extinction (all within the natural order upon which this planet depended), a creature began to appear that was more adaptable than the others. It had mental abilities above those around it, and it was able to create things other than just a reproduction of itself.

The Power, now becoming lonely and looking for other spiritual beings with which to share Her universe, emitted sparks of Her own light and through Her infinite love embedded them within these creatures, hoping to create beings of a spiritual magnitude to equal Her own.

Alas, Her light and love were not enough. These creatures were stubborn and willful, filled with self-importance, unable to graciously accept the gift given to them and honor She who bequeathed it. Sadly, She has watched over the course of thousands of years, waiting for those She loves, those to whom She gave of her own light, to realize their true value and thus return to Her.

I am reminded of a song I was taught as a child in Sunday School. “This little light of mine, I’m gonna’ make it shine.”

Please allow the Light of your Higher Power to shine through you so that others may replenish their Light from yours. As using one candle to light another does not diminish the flame of the first, allow us to bask in each other’s glow and grow strong.

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