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Middle Pillar Ritual from "Magick" by Aleister Crowley

The Middle Pillar Ritual, or MPR, is a good method for centering, practicing one’s
visualizations and adding a higher dimension to lessons one and two. The MPR uses
traditional Qabalistic powers to energize the Sephiroth (spheres) of the Middle Pillar of
the traditional Tree of Life: Kether, Daath, Tiphareth, Yesod and Malkuth. The
influences of these correspond nicely to the Eastern conception of “chakras,” or energy
centers, of which there are principally seven: Sahasvara, the lotus above the head; Ajna,
the third eye; Vishudha, the throat; Anahata, the heart; Manipura, the navel;
Svadhisthana, the sex organs; and Muldhara, the base or foundation—generally the anus,
perineum or prostate (in men).24
Thus the practice of the MPR is a means of obtaining familiarity with the energies
of the body—learning control and utilization with time. In addition it is a superb method
for centering and is ideal for beginning one’s Shamatha meditation. It also provides a
good working foundation to techniques taught later in the Star of Set material.
The words of the MPR should be vibrated and not merely spoken. They should
reverberate outwards to the very ends of the Universe. First, the magician should rest the
mind in the meditative state, developed through the practice of mindfulness training. He
should become like an hollow bamboo—the vibrations of the words of power, sounds
issuing from the void. When done effectively, the magician becomes akin to an
instrument, the words being uttered without the need for conscious thought, clearly and

Visualize a sphere of brilliant, pure light above your head at the Sahasvara chakra
(alternatively a million-petalled lotus), and say:

From this sphere of light, visualize a line of current moving down into your body through
the Ajna chakra (third eye) to the Vishudha chakra in your throat. As this comes alive
with the light, say:

(Yud-hoh-vah El-oh-heem)
Next visualize the light moving down to your solar plexus Anahata (heart) chakra, saying:

(Yud-hoh-vah El-o-ah vah-Da-at)
Now, envision the light moving down along your central column through the Manipura (navel) to
Svadhisthana chakra (sex organ), and say:

(Shah-dah-ee El-kah-ee)
Lastly, visualize the light moving through the Muladhara (base) and down a straight line between your legs
to a sphere half above and half below the ground at your feet

(Ah-doh-ni Ha-ah-retz)

Takes from "Magick" by Aleister Crowley, page XV-XVI

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