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How is this possible? how can i read peoples minds know what they are thinking and tell how they really feel even if they are hiding it ? and there is a weird shadow that tends to visit during the day that follows me and its a man figure taller than i and sometimes he follows my boyfriend.. what is this or who could it be? ive asked it to state whom it is but never a reply.. can anyone help me on this? soon i hope im slowly going blind in my right eye.. and struggling with two tumors in the back of my head

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Comment by ranoc on May 29, 2010 at 3:35am
if what you say is true then you are being followed by a shadow walker it is a half friendly demon in human form if it is following you around then dont ask it to go because then ... trust me bad things will happen, if you have already pissed it off then you will have to ask it what it thinks a good sacrafice would be inorder to make peace with it .... you can show no fear ,you have to look it straight in the eyes and talk with respect towards it like you could care less that he has the power to devour your soul. PS if you dont make peace with it , it will kill everyone you know and everyone who is dearest to you and then he will kill you. and if he is not pissed off ask him he needs your assistance because demons only do something such as following someone around if he is keeping an eye on you meaning you are important to someone or he is trying to get something out of following you and other than that dont make any deals with it or any vows what so ever ... in order to find more about demons search the web grimories lie AND ALLWAYS REMEMBER TO HAVE respect pss i hope this can help u
Comment by Becky on April 24, 2010 at 4:26pm
Possibly you are reading peoples moods like an empath.As for the shadow I wouldn't stress about that. Your negative feelings could possibly influence it. If it hasn't done anything but follow your bf I'd say it's benign if not neutral. You don't want to tip the balance by being overly anxious about it's presence. However if you feel actual animosity flowing from it and it seems to be meddling with events or people around it I would take protective measures. Then I'd go for politely asking it to leave. Be prepared when you ask that for an ass kicking, from you I mean. If it is literally malicious tipping it off to your desire for it's removal will make even worse things happen. When I got rid of a "shadow" in my home I hoped for the best and prepared for the worst. I started on my own but I had to call in a friend for the ass kick and It was draining. The "shadow" wasn't evil per say but it was getting there. It was mischievous and feeding of any and all negativity that had ever happened in the house and it was slowly "growing" and starting to create it's own food. If your shadow is anything like that all I can say is walk softly and carry a very big stick.

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