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This is my first blog be gentle.
Many people out there try to seek out a little understanding. They find a belief, usually one that is taught at an early age through local customs. Some have more fanciful ideas and seek out something that is different to them, and more exotic, but the goal is the same. The understanding of our world, the meaning of our existence, and the fantasy of gaining magical powers. The universe is far older than any of these beliefs, and much older than our world. It went about for billions of years, unfolding as it should, expanding at incredible speeds. Stars dying making heavier elements, carbons being introduced to this expanding universe, life forming in all corners of it. The factors involved in not only life existing but matter itself being stable enough to produce the elements is so precise that one must conclude that it's all done by some very intelligent creator. As life forms all throughout the universe their perspective on this creator would very as do their customs and traditions. This creator may present itself as many gods, reflective of the many personalities of the locals, or the locals may seek uniformity so they may band together and survive as a people in a hostile wilderness, then they may see this creator as a monolithic single God. Either way they would all be correct for that's how they see it. Later they would add myths and stories that make this deity one of them, so they create a very tribal us vs them mentality. Soon they see that their truth is the only truth which in turn is a lie, and seek out to convert or crush other's beliefs. People try so hard to see what makes them unique, what makes us different that we fail to see the common threads. Here's a common thread, not only through religious practices but also science. Light, light behaves like nothing else in nature, It's matter yet it's energy. It travels as a ray, and as a wave. Light is behind it all and I believe that is the very soul of everything. We are all energy, we are all light. Hate to quote Yoda (not really I love Yoda) but "Luminous beings are we, not this crude matter." that little gremlin is so right. Basically my message is this, stop the hate. Love one another as you wish to be loved, Polytheist, Monotheist, Jew, Muslim, Pagan, Christian it doesn't matter we are all one, a reflection of the divine. So love your neighbor no matter what they believe, they may be just as right as you are

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Comment by Rene on January 20, 2011 at 10:57am
I was really touched by this..u seem to understand what i have been trying to get across to Many of my Family and friends...What i believe has been bashed by my Christian Sister and My Grandmother and my Brothers and many others as well....However my Mother who is a minister has accepted what i am and that my belief is not going to change whatsoever...I have been Discrimminated against in Open Court bc of my Religion!!!..And I have chosen to keep silent about alot of what i believe bc i feel that is right..unless i am asked. I have been looking for someone that understand alot of things that i am trying to learn...I want to go to school eventually for Theology of World Religions..would love to study abroad!!! Thank u for ur Post...It has inspired me..Blessed Be  
Comment by evil IOWA boy on November 29, 2010 at 12:37am
i agree...

to love is to know magic my friend.
Comment by Rowan Redthorn on November 22, 2010 at 10:59am
This is very true. We are all the same, religion is like a tree. All the branches of a tree are all the different religions/paths out there, & we all come from the same trunk. We are all still growing, & so are the branches, but we are all one, with the same roots, same Mother Earth, & people just need to realize this. We should all accept others & what they believe, whats the use of living on the same planet only to hate one another? Coexist. :) Just as all the elements, animals, & other organisms do. ^^
Comment by Cat on October 14, 2010 at 3:38am
Wow. intelligent life does exist on this planet

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