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Wow, what a day!

First I got to work on LinkedIn checking out my options. Then I wrote some essay stuff for a contest at a lab (which I'm gonna totally win).

I had some food, a nap, and then got back to work.

Fixed some hardware, software, etc

Composted (oh the stench, many flies and maggots, very good for the soil).

Dressed up my old doll yesterday, she is electric and still works after 30+ years, can you imagine?

Now she has a blue french dress, a black hat with feathers, and a white dove and blue shoes.

In the evening, I took a walk and scouted the vicinity for opportunities for growth (and found them, of course). Enjoyed the presence of animals (but I haven't really seen my lovely black birds, but they show up when they want to).

Made some jewelry from recycled stuff. Drank some good old fat meat soup and soy.

Enjoyed the wind.

Gonna go to sleep at some point, I guess.

Here's some music. Blessed be!


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