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Ok so we have had many different Presidents from good old Abe Lincoln who helped with slavery, to Washington who helped make the Declaration of Independence as well as others who have made huge impacts. (Needless to say no president is perfect in office) Now we have Obama Who is one if not the first African American Presidents in history, and let’s face it folks a lot of people never dreamed that something like this would happen. Because of Obama becoming president “We” have bridged a huge gap in the world by having Obama as president which honestly, I feel was way over do. On top of that I feel that he is actually getting things done, though mind you that’s my own opinion.

Let’s face it politics will always be a touchy subject no matter what, where, when, or who you talk to about it. That’s not why I write this Actually I am curious about other things…Other possibilities that one such as myself as well as possibly others might/may have. You see, we have now had a black president so I’m wondering “what’s next?” Perhaps maybe we will get a president who is not Christian or catholic. How interesting would it be if we had a president who was Buddhist, or Wiccan? What about simply Native American or others as well. Imagine how many more bridges we could form relationship wise. Lets face it we have marked history with the first African American as president and he won by a land slide. We have proven that we should not judge based on skin. So could perhaps we not base it by religious beliefs? What are your thoughts?

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Comment by Dr. Kanis Xoadinn on September 2, 2009 at 10:18pm
911 was no mistake. It was planned and orchestrated by a group of the most despicable fiends in the history of the world (no, I am not speaking of the Taliban, nor Al Quaeda). Google "PNAC" for more information, specifically "new Pearl Harbor"
Comment by Cameron S. on September 1, 2009 at 3:07pm
~Bellie Noria~ I hope some day that will happen though it might take longer then most might think. For sadly there will always be people who have a dislike for someone or something....

~Faith~ first off cool name! I have a friend named that as well lol. Would you vote for me if I did XDD

~Dr. Kanis For starters the fact is that slavery was stopped do to Lincoln period. That was huge for all of us. (Both Americans, and especially African Americans) It was not very long ago that they were still treated with no rights, as well as still being slaves to people. second of all Obama said we would take the majority of them out, but leave some behind to make sure that nothing went wrong. That reasoning was because of the fact that all Hell would break loose if we just flat up and left we would have had more casualties. However, what you have talked about is true. That was not the point I was getting at. I simply thing it would be interesting to possibly have a Buddhist monk, or Wiccan for a president.

Also Dr. Kanis Xoadinn be for I forget, in truth in the Bible it says that gay marriage is a "SIN." Now lets think here. Hmmm..... Our last president had a mistake happen called ummm...oh yeah 9/11, and he had news of it to begin with.Fact is the last president decided to let it happen. So people did not Crucify his butt in town square he used "Gay marriage" as a thing to redirect all the pissed off people at him which was ohhh....about the majority of us all. Any one who says they were not irritated with what happened is full of bs, for now we have Obama. (Who won by "a land slide") Sadly truth be told racism is still here only people just don't show it in public, but that does not mean it doesn’t exists. Now what does that tell you?
Comment by Dr. Kanis Xoadinn on August 30, 2009 at 9:49am
regarding Belle Noire's comments, that "someday there will be no white no black" will happen more quickly than you think. Geneticists estimate that by 2050, with the rates of interracial marriage on the rise, the "beiging" of America will be complete, and that most American citizens will no longer be completely "white" or completely "black" but some mixture. "People of color" in the broadest sense, will make up the majority.
Comment by Dr. Kanis Xoadinn on August 30, 2009 at 9:38am
Both David Icke and Ben Stewart are quick to point out that the brand of "Christianity" displayed on government buildings is not actually reflective of the Christian faith, but rather the religion of ancient Babylon. The Statue of Liberty, for instance, is Semiramis, warrior queen of ancient Babylon reputed to be a demigoddess herself, and often associated with mother goddess imagery. So, quite possibly, we have a "pagan" government after all (in the "modern"--that is "non-Christian"--sense of the word)? (ok, not really, if you consider that "pagan" is supposed to mean "of the people" or something of the sort, as opposed to the Official "state" religion--so... for instance in ancient Rome where the Official "state" religion was polytheistic, the Early Christians could have been considered "pagans"). But a non-monotheistic concept that recognizes a Goddess? (you could make the same argument for Catholicism, except that the Marian concept is a de-sexualized Goddess).

BTW, Lincoln would have gladly allowed slavery to continue to this day if that would have kept the South from seceding. Make no mistake, the Civil War was about much more than slavery. The orchestrated changes that were being put into place by the Global banking (Rothschild) cartel signalled the end of the Southern agrarian fiefdom (plantation) as the source and symbol of wealth and power, and replacing it with manufacturing as the US was poised on the cusp of the industrial revolution.

Regarding Obama, while I want to believe that he can "save" America and/or the world, I am also conscious of the fact that he is a skilled orator, a "Cult of Personality." Credo Mutwa, a venerated Zulu shaman, voiced his doubts about Obama's truthfulness in a poem in which he compares Obama to the biblical figure of Judas. More than anything, I think, we should find in the words of Credo a caution against seeing Obama as a messianic figure. Keep in mind that when Pres. Obama told us about "withdrawal of forces," from Iraq, what he forgot to tell us (or what many folks didn't want to hear) is that upwards of 50,000 troops will REMAIN in Iraq even past the 2010 deadline. That's about 1/3-2/5 of the troops that were there in Feb 2009. Doesn't sound like a "complete" withdrawal to me, how 'bout you? Sounds more like we're leaving behind a "base camp" for the invasion of Iran, or at least a "garrison." Remember, that area of the world IS ancient Babylon (see paragraph 1, above), with the capital city just 85 miles south of Baghdad
Comment by faith on August 29, 2009 at 12:41pm
brilliant. yeah for sure that coulddd happen, lol run for president :p

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