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merry meet everyone,, how is everyone's winter going? have the blessings been comeing to you? well here i am again asking for thoughts and prayers and blessings from my friends at theneopagan.com again. lately i have been so stressed out and i meditate and hope and pray everything will work out.. it is a very long story but i am someone who needs help doing everyday things like getting up in the morning out of bed showering even going to the bathroom i can't do that by myself.. see i was born with a bone disorder that makes my bones tinnnie and brakable. and i am a dorf 2ft 11inches tall. and the co. that sends people to come in and see me are running out of people and staff so i need a backup plan wich i do not half i don't have a back up person to help me if they can't send someone to help. anyway i am stressing out i do have a family member that could come in at times i'm sorry to go on and on about this this is just laying on me so heavy always wondering what next? ok thank you for who ever takes the time to read this and i will be sending my blessings and thoughts to all of you too it will help me to keep my mind off my probs

blessing B

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Comment by Lady Lunar Whisper on December 31, 2008 at 3:28am
merry meet, i am learning so much from this site and others. i just hope that my style of learning is not wrong. i know that alot of you read so much about the Wicca faith i am more of a hands on i get the info that i need then i just go ahead and do it don't worrie just white magic. . to me it just kinda comes naturally is that wrong? .
It's all fine and well to read, but one Must Apply what was learned.... One must also have Disipline ( SP ? )... To know how to do a spell the right way, one must FIRST do EVERYTHING possiblr in this mundane. So, spells are the LAST resort. I can teach you one thing right now, and silly as it may sound, it has worked EVERY time, and for those that are Not of the Craft ( who end up astonished, when they see it work, right in front of them with their own 2 eyes ).... If there's someone that is VERY bothersome, write their name on a piece of paper.... No Spell, not necessary .. Sometimes, I take a Dixie cup and fill it 1/2 way with water, and sometimes I don't... Anyway, put the paper with the name on it in the freezer. They will silence... Awesome when one drives you to witts end
Comment by Earth lover on December 30, 2008 at 8:31am
Thank you for the help and the number already this morning i talked to someone that i needed to talk to and she said it is ok and will be ok sigh of releive powers are working on me already and i think it well be ok i truly believe there is powers all around and can help if you truly believe. thanks again! keep thinking good thoughts talk to you soon..

Blessed B
Comment by Lady Lunar Whisper on December 30, 2008 at 4:09am
Merry Meet..... There's another Information Number that might be able to help you, but being I live in stoooooopid Floriduh, not sure if it's only here. Worth a try to get the help you need. Call instead of 411, 211.
Here, thet number is a " Help Line " for All sorts of things. Maybe you can have a " live in ". Maybe the " Big Brother/Sisters " can help you. Think " outside the box ". Get in touch with your " Community Leaders ", like your State Senator. I had to resort to that for Unemployment, and they do NOT like bad press, so you may stand a fighting chance. I also have Hospice come to see me every 2 weeks, as I cannot get past phase 1 of the loss of my ( then ) 25 yr. old Son ( " Left " this mundane on 2/25/05, and if my ex would have listened to my warnings instead of laughing, Josh would still be here.Hope I helped ?

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