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I must confess. I am new to the Wiccan path, in it for a few months. I want to learn all that I can. I know that we learn everyday.

I have read that most of us here are new to the Pagan world; whatever path it may be. I decided to follow this path because of beliefs I have had for years. From the first time I heard the word Wicca, I wanted to learn about it. I just got into it this year offically. The reason I waited this long was because I did not know of anyone who could teach me.

The women in my family (from my mother's mother's side) have been into Wicca for many generations. Which they neglected to mention.I can not ask my grandmother anything, for she is no longer with us. My mother does not know anything about Wicca either. So that does not help at all. I found out about my family being Wiccan because of another Wiccan. She told my mom because of one of her abilities. I can not learn under her, for she lives in Houston and I, in Perryton. She told my mother that after I have learned what is needed to contact her. I really don't know how I will know if I have am ready to contact her. So, I am learning on my own. I have books and am enrolled at www.magickaschool.com.

Well I am sorry for rambling on (like I always do).
But my questions to you are...

1. What made you follow the path you are on?
2. How did you decide to go with it?
3. Do you believe you will continue on this path until you pass?

Sorry I ask so many questions. (this is my second set of questions)
I would just like to get to know the members of this community more.

Blessed Be

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1) i was talking to one of my friends who follows the craft, and he introduced it to me, plus my parents raised me as christians, who i found are the meanest people i have ever met. 2) i dicided after long deliberate hours of studying and performing rituals secretly in my house. 3) yes i do.
i had a dream. in this dream i was standing in a field sky clad with my hair celticly braided. i did not feel embarred by being skyclad- only natural. the only thing in this field was one big tree and a woman with long brown hair standing next to it. this woman was dressed in a white silky robe with a golden rope tied to keep the robe together and a beaming long golden sword. the sword went from her waist to the ground and it was sticking out of it, straight up. she never spoke to me, but standing there i felt 'chosen'. i know it sounds corny, but i did. she never spoke, but i kept hearing AZNA echoing in my thoughts. i had never heard this name before, but i knew it was her. this was one of the most vivid dreams, excluding my precognitions. when i woke, i remembered it perfectly. i researched Azna and found she is a mother goddess. complete with her golden sword. from their i researched, tried it out a few times and haven't looked back. i love the feeling of completness i get from i wicca- its like when i was christian i was always asking myself- is this it? arent i suppossed to feel more? but everything about wicca- for lack of a better term- just makes sense. i will never give it up. it is who i am.
1&2- I always dabbled in the Craft as a kid. I grew up in a Christian house and wanted to make my parents happy, so I really tried Christianity. I always felt out of place. I never was truly satisfied.When both my parents had passed, I went back to what I had always been drawn to Mother Nature and Wicca. It makes me whole.It always feels right when I am practicing and after a ritual, I feel so....Incredible! 3- Yes, I do.
Like most I started out christian due to the fact that was the only religion shown to me growing up. As I grew up reading the bible, and listening to the preachers, there were several things written and said that I just couldn't believe in. Why are women so limited in what they can do? Why must I give up a certain amount of my paycheck to a person "Preacher" who only works a couple days out of the week and is making twice the amount of money that anyone in the church is making? Why the threats of hell every 5 seconds? Why do we live above gods creations and not with them?
This is my biggest one. How can someone kill or rape a little kid and turn around and ask forgiveness and all is forgotten. No god of mine would leave this unchecked. So I found it simpler to just believe that there wasn't a god for several years.
I could go on and on but I think this is enough to get my point across.

A few years ago I was checking out the news online and seen were a soldier was being denied his religious symbol on his tomb stone. Being a soldier myself I started reading and when I seen the word Wiccan I wondered, what is a Wiccan? So I started researching and the more I read the more interested I became. Before I knew it the minutes turned into hours and the next thing I know I'm looking outside at the sun rising. I read non stop for over 7 hours, my eyes hurt so bad from the computer screen. I spent the next few weeks reading and researching Wicca trying to tear it apart, to find flaws, but only met with the fact that it fit me to a tee. So I decided to do more reading and research. A few months later I decided that Wicca was my new religion. I was deployed at the time to South Korea so I called my wife which is christian and told her, and she got behind me and supported my decision. I then did a self dedication and haven't looked back since.

I believe I will continue with Wicca due to the fact that it completes my soul. I have since looked into many other religions both pagan and non to learn what they were about, and know that I made the right choice. I have already told my wife I wanted to be buried with my Book of Shadows, which she replied "what if your son wants it?", I simply told her when he gets old enough and after I expose him to all religions, and not just the ones I agree with. If he wants to be wiccan then I will teach him and help him make his own.
Hello, my name is Bobbie. I, too, am new to this! I have been practicing for almost a year, so a little longer than you. My friend Meaghan turned me onto wicca. Well, I was very interested in it before and then she told me she was wiccan. It worked out. We became roommates and we practiced together and did good spells and rituals together. I was a christian for most of my life. A series of events turned me away from the thought of "one almighty god who loves us as his own" and I no longer believe in him. I believe in God's and Goddess's. I believe there are more than one but they are linked together. Ever since I became wiccan, I have been happy. Unbelievably happy! I only have my friend Meaghan to work with and we both are currently looking for a mentor. She has her father, but I don't have anyone. That is why I came to this site hoping to find an online mentor until I can find a mentor where I live. I, too, write a lot. I believe I will continue on my path until I pass. I don't see why i wouldn't. Like I said, I am extremely happy with the guidance I get.
i always new i was different ever since i was a little girl,but when i turned17 i had an incident where something came and
it terrorized me for weeks.i went to a friend because the catholic church would't help.i new my friend was a witch and might be able to help,thats when she introduced me to her covin.they did somekind of ritual in my home and gave me a medaloin for protection and what ever the thing was went away.i started doing all kinds of research about the occult and witch craft and began studying the craft with a few of my freinds and felt so comfortable and complete and an inner voice
told me this was the path i was ment to be on.i've never felt comfortable with the christian church it always made me
uneasy and never answered any questions i had.i just found out a year ago my aunt and two cousins are also witches,and
theres others who have passed but lived the same path i guess my family kept things like that a secret back in the day
because of what people would say or do.thank the universe we don't have to hide any more. it's tough growing up never fitting in and not understanding why those strange this happen,or not knowing where you truely come from.now i know
i'm a natural witch and come from a long line of witches.i have never kept it from my chilren i've always told them when
their ready and want to learn i'll teach them and if they choose a different path thats ok too i just want them to be happy
and proud of who they are and to never be afraid to be them selves.
good luck in you'r studies.
blessed be
my craft name is lillas
I just felt in my soul that this was where i was supposed to be. nothing else made any sense to me. and i most def. will be on this path til i pass. good luck finding what is yours. :)
1) I chose this path because I wasn't happy as a Christian. I did some studying/ observing and searching until I met a Pagan woman who set me on this path. I am not Wiccan, though that is what I started with. I am just Pagan with no other title.

2) I decided this was right for me because I have always had abilities that were considered evil. Frankly, because of my Chrisitan family... I was called evil. (if that doesn't mess with your psyche nothing will!) But something inside me KNEW that I wasn't ... I just didn't have any explanation as to how I knew. When I found the Pagan path... I immediately knew it was the right way to go.

3) Absolutely. I have studied or read up on different paths... none of them "fit" as well as Paganism does. This belief system is more than just a fad or a religion... it is a way of life for me. I can't imagine living any differently.
I may not be like most here. I am not Wiccan, and I have been on this path for a LONG time.

1. I have been in touch with the Earth and spirits since I was young. I felt a call to the spiritual side of life in my teens. I tried the mainstream christian ways, but they didn't fit. Years passed, I read books on different spiritual paths, some I felt a resonance with, others not so much. I met a Native American who initiated me into the Red Road and Shamanism. I felt the call of my ancestors and heeded it. I have studied the Northern Germanic ways and do utilize runes. The Celtic pull is the strongest. I study the ways of the Druids (with the limited resources that have survived). My path is a synthesis of them, I follow the Celtic ways, use runes, and honor the native spirits of the land I live on.

2. I went by "feel" some things just "feel" right, correct.

3. I believe that this path is the one I will follow until the next turning of the wheel. However, I do not know that I will not come to another fork in the path that leads me to where I need to go.
What made me want to follow the warrior way and pagan? That aint to hard to say,all my life I knew I was different from everyone else and when I was 19 years old I went to Utah for school and I ran into a group that showed me who I am. will I stay on the path,yes,because I am right where I need to be. I am trianing in the Ninja and Samuri way and enjoying all that the universe has to offer. someday I may have my own dojo and my own bodygaurding company. and yes I will stay on this path till I pass.
You have a dragon sealed within, that's cool Des, I have a three tailed dragon within me, and the only thing that reminds me of it is a J shaped birth mark on my Left wrist. My path is a hybrid of All Polytheistic religions, for I believe that All Gods and Goddesses are sacred and that they all should be honored (also considering that many people in my family have turned against their Ancestral Gods I figure I should honor the Gods in their stead, so there is a massive amount of responsibility I have for my family and respect I feel towards the Gods) My mother Brenda Lee Nahirniak my say she is pagan, but I think she isn't because she swears and speaks The Title of Jehovah in vain, far too often for me to actually believe she is.
I guess the easy way to answer all your questions is that it was just in my heart. I knew the minute i heard and read about being pagan it was me. That was all that matter to me. Im not here to fit in. Im here to be myself. I think everyone here has figured that out. I really dunno were all this will lead me to, But i know that Im closer to being were i belong than i was!!!


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