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The Secrets of the Runes

Legend has it Odin gave the Elder Futhark to man before the beginning of recorded history. The Elder Futhark, for those who don't know, was the written language of the Norse peoples, the Vikings, as well as various pagan tribes living in Germany and north western Europe. It is an alphabet consisting of twenty-four characters, each having its own unique meaning.

Fehu, the first rune in the alphabet represents cattle and is related to wealth. Gebo, which looks like a capital X,…


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Occult Secrets

There is something hidden in the foundational teachings of Wicca, a secret if you will, which is hidden in plain sight for all, granted that one has eyes to see. It's as plain as the nose on your face, clear and obvious if you look with the right perspective, perfectly obscured without effort by our progenitors.

It's the perfect method of hiding something. You make it plain as can be, hiding nothing while confusing the uninitiated. So obvious it couldn't be discovered by…


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Our Intentional Moon

When I was young, way back before I was a Neo-Pagan, just an ordinary pagan, I would always look forward to the full moon. I didn't know why, there was no reason for me to care, I just loved when she was full.

I could feel something in the moonlight, something tangible which I couldn't name or even understand, but the unreasoning nature of my experience didn't stop me. I would go out every full moon, into the forest where I live, just gaze up at the moon and absorb her silver rays of…


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Wiccan Music

When I look around, I find a certain dearth of Wiccan music.

It's out there, I know, but it tends to be made up of chanting and is generally based on other musical traditions like native aboriginal music. What I'm talking about is a distinctly Wiccan form of musical expression, something all our own which stands out from other musical forms.

One of the issues comes from the fact Wicca hasn't been around all that long, so there hasn't been much chance of development. The other…


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Witch Hunting Rediscovered

I've noticed a certain upswing in anti-pagan sentiment lately, which is largely understandable when viewed from the other side of the religious divide. It's completely ridiculous of course, don't get me wrong, but in light of various societal trends and, especially, propagandist fear-mongering, it's not all that surprising.

Neo-paganism has never been all that visible. In general we prefer to keep to ourselves, we practice in far away places, under the cover of darkness, and we don't…


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I've thought about starting a blog for a while now - thought about it - but somehow I kept talking myself out of actually getting started. I think it was the sneaking suspicion that no one in their right mind would want to listen to me ramble on endlessly about the same boring topics everyone else is constantly droning on about. Of course, that doesn't stop anyone else, but then I'm not too keen on adding to that festering morass of mindless drivel, so...

Then I remembered this…


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