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When I was young, way back before I was a Neo-Pagan, just an ordinary pagan, I would always look forward to the full moon. I didn't know why, there was no reason for me to care, I just loved when she was full.

I could feel something in the moonlight, something tangible which I couldn't name or even understand, but the unreasoning nature of my experience didn't stop me. I would go out every full moon, into the forest where I live, just gaze up at the moon and absorb her silver rays of moonlight.

Then, after years of this monthly ceremony, I discovered Wicca and learned about the moon, her nature according to the craft and, bingo, I finally understood why the moon held me under such an all consuming spell.

I was feeling a touch of the divine in the moonlight, though I didn't recognize it as such, but it didn't matter, I felt it all the same. I learned that the moon is the material manifestation of the feminine divine, an avatar, meant to remind us all of the Lady's constant presence in our lives, informing us and watching over us.

Ever since I first learned of the divine character of the moon I have held a strong belief in the purposeful nature of her placement, attributes and manifestations. Astronomers puzzle over the numerous mysteries surrounding nearly every aspect of the moon, and while they propose ad hoc explanations for all of them, they are simply missing the bigger picture.

The moon appears to be exactly the same size in the sky as the sun, even though the moon and sun are dramatically different in size. This leads to several interesting phenomenon, such as the lunar and solar eclipses.

The solar eclipse is astounding enough, for the moon to so perfectly cover the sun is astronomically unlikely, but then there is the fact the earth's shadow perfectly covers the moon during lunar eclipses. The mathematical likelihood of this happening is so high, it is nearly impossible.

The moon is four-hundred times closer to the earth then is the sun, while the moon is four-hundred times smaller. Again, for this to be coincidence requires an enormous leap of logic, especially when you take into account all the other mysterious facts about the moon.

When the moon disappears, what is called the new moon, she is completely invisible to the naked eye, displaying literally no light towards the earth's surface. While at full moon, one-hundred percent of her surface is illuminated. From zero to one hundred every twenty-nine days, then back again in reverse, and this never changes. It's like clockwork and, if you know anything about making clocks, you know it's impossible to make a time piece that will never speed up or slow down, but that's exactly what the moon does.

The earth has the largest natural satellite of any planet in the solar system - the moon - by several degrees of magnitude. The moons of Mars, Phobos and Deimos, are miniscule in size when compared to the red planet. Jupiter's moons are likewise tiny, as are Saturn's, so one and so on out towards Pluto. The moon is enormous when compared to other satellites, mysteriously so.

Then there's the largest mystery: The moon doesn't rotate. One side of the moon is always facing the earth, a circumstance which, despite numerous ad hoc attempts, cannot be adequately explained. Every large object in our solar system rotates, the sun, the planets, large moons, all except one, the moon. And this happens despite the fact the moon's center of gravity should cause it to spin and, at least, force the far side to face us instead, but it doesn't.

If something happens twice, it's a coincidence, but if it happens three times or more, it's a conspiracy.

The moon presents one mystery after another, at least they're mysterious if you only accept a materialistic view of the universe, but I think you would have to be mad to deny the moon presents a clear example of conscious intention.

There is purpose behind the moon's size, placement, distance from the earth and sun, its lack of rotation, luminosity and orbital period. The Goddess placed a material body into our sky to act as her avatar, reminding us she is with us, watching, all the time. Distant but powerful, radiating love in our lives always, if only we would take the time to look up, gaze into her familiar face and say hello.

I, Patrick, Wiccan

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