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ISLAM a threat to Freedom

11 September NY…PARIS Nov. 14 2015...We need to see clear this. Modern ISLAM under the coverage of his 'mysticism', is in reality a belligerent belief. Long gone are the days of Mystical Sufism. Al Qaeda, Isis are only extreme expressions of this intolerant and belligerent faith created by the warrior Mohammed. We need to understand that this religion itself as it is today is a threat to All of us that believes in Freedom and Democracy. They are also enemies of Free Spirits like the Modern…


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Freedom is one of the basic rights of human race.

If Edward Snowden did what he did with the only goal to defend privacy and Freedom, then I'm with and for this man. Freedom is a thing that needs to be defended as one of the supreme goods. Our fathers and ancestors, worldwide, fought for freedom...I saw last night Spielberg's movies about Lincoln, a man that was firm in his defense of black people vs. slavery, meaning freedom from slavery. Lincoln was adamant and firm: no slavery…


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Distorted vision of true nature of modern intolerant Islam

I invite you to read the post below. I like to point out that I disagree with everybody that seems not to acknowledge the evident real nature of modern intolerant Islam, even with President Obama that lost, in the Fort Hood speech, a major opportunity to focus on the real core problem which is the intolerant and integralist nature of modern Islam.


"A… Continue

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Are we all Neopagans ? ...

Following the course of history we know with certainty that all the major religions of the world plus the minor ones, including New Age Cults and Movements, are born and shaped following the previous Pagan old ones.

So we can say with confidence that we are the development-evolution of the previous ones.

At this point the final result is that no matter what we believe, all of us are "the sons" of Paganism.

Then we can call ourselves without doubts the new Pagans or… Continue

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