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Distorted vision of true nature of modern intolerant Islam

I invite you to read the post below. I like to point out that I disagree with everybody that seems not to acknowledge the evident real nature of modern intolerant Islam, even with President Obama that lost, in the Fort Hood speech, a major opportunity to focus on the real core problem which is the intolerant and integralist nature of modern Islam.

"A Friday morning Washington Post article describes the Fort Hood mass murderer of 13 as “a devout Muslim born to Palestinian immigrants and raised in the Arlington and Roanoke areas of Virginia....”
http://hypocrisy.com/2009/11/06/muslim-major-accused-of-mass-murder... -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Fort Hood killings 'incomprehensible,' Obama says!...
Mr. President, how many more people need to be killed to open the eyes of America?! Was 9/11 not enough to make evident conclusions about Islam?... This action made by a "devout" Muslim, is not 'incomprehensible' and is not just an act of a "crazy" extremist, but instead a straightforward action typical of the Islamic intolerant vision which is shared by a vast part of the modern Islamic world of thinkers and people. These 'incomprehensible' actions, from our Western perspective, are instead well comprehensible if seen from the Muslim integralist and intolerant fanatical perspective! They are in front of our eyes and CANNOT be dismissed with superficiality, wrongly or vaguely interpreted like in the Obama speech at Fort Hood. Finally Fort Hood happenings are another after effect, like 9/11, of the Islamic insane rage against the "Great Satan", the USA & Western civilization, since the "Holy War" was officially declared by Islam to the West!! - Founder Nov 11 2009 Check my ideas re this issue below in the Forum... -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

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Comment by Andonis Spartan on November 28, 2009 at 7:16pm

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