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I wrote this for a friend who ended up stating this after reading some of my work. These are her words….

“i can understand were your coming from on that sweety but what about something for the people fleein home because there being abused by there parents who do drugs or foster kids who r gettin abused or wifes who r gettin abused or flat out abuse... i was abused in everyway possible but luckly i got away from that along time ago”

Abused and forgotten….

The pain I where on my sleeve your abuse haunts me every minet I’m awake every hour full of breath.

No! Stop! This isn’t right! Why are you doing this! These thoughts flood through my head as you beat me bloody you rape me ohisichally and you rape me verbally! How could you! HOW DARE YOU! I long to say knowing that you will harm me all the more…… I feel so lost so helpless and have no where to go nowhere to run to except for the streets the brutal streets where I’ll strive to make it out to find food or shelter. I numb off the pain do to the fact of the home I trusted has molded me into something without any need for feeling nor hope……  YOU, yes you who didn’t lend an ear your responsible for my abuse and rape you who didn’t stop it for getting worse…..I want to scream aloud but you instead have clamped my mouth so I scream in my head as blood sweat and tears stain my clothes and bed while I put on a fake sheared that everything is ok for that is what you have me do…..

On the streets though now it rains…….as it rains I stand on the corner and cry not tears from my face for I cannot instead the earth itself cries now for me……it cries and I watch as people walk around me in ignorance the people that just turn away….just turn out a way I can hear the streets cry out and beg and I ask you now…….you see these hands you see my scars there open because you didn’t help these wounds are wounds received because someone didn’t care enough to help me…..so now that I am bleeding before you….will you….help…me?

A reader of my work got out she was lucky…The fact is many are not so lucky….

There are many forms of abuse if you know someone who is being abused do whatever you can to help them. If you don’t you are just as responsible as the person who did it for you let it continue. If you know someone is being abused report it. Help them for if it were the other way around wouldn’t you want someone to help you?

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