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Do you believe in meaningful coincidences?

Do you believe in meaningful coincidences? Friday afternoon, after I had gotten off the bus, I took the trash out and I got this weird, sudden urge to walk around and enjoy natur. I looked around and pointed all the elements. Dirt, grass, and trees for earth, wind for air, sun for fire, and well, there's no water. Well, hopefully, my spirit would be uplifted during this walk. I sure did need it. So I walked out to a huge grassy field. I keep walking, and aty once I feel the wind blowing against my back, kinda leading me. I keep walking along, feeling like i'm in a semi-trance, and I finally see a small, beautiful, nature-made pool of water. the wind dies down a bit, then picks up again, literally pushing me along. I go a bit farther, and I see another pool of water, but this one was muddier than the last. I look out and I see one more pool of water. There's quite possibly another one next to it, but I couldn't see it. I walk to the second pool of water and stare at it. I'm all, this is cool. I thought of water, and i get 3 pools of it. Then I walk back home. The wind starts blowing like crazy again in the opposite direction of the way I'm walking. So after fighting it a bit, I turn around and go back to the pool of muddy water. Then I realize there's like a plastic bag next to it. Something was telling me to pick it up, so I did. Then, I look around and realize that there's a crap load of trash around me. I'm like OMIGOSH! I GOTTA CLEAN THIS UP! I say, Is this is what i'm here for? the wind blows down just a little toward the trash. then i say I have to go home and fight the wind a bit and promise that I'm gonna come back and clean this up, and the wind dies down enough to let me walk home. Is that just my imagination?

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Comment by Sorradin on March 8, 2009 at 3:45pm
I don't believe in coincidence at all. I believe that EVERYTHING happens for a reason and that we are constantly being guided . . . if we would only open to it. Good for you for paying attention!

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