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Do you believe in meaningful coincidences?

Do you believe in meaningful coincidences? Friday afternoon, after I had gotten off the bus, I took the trash out and I got this weird, sudden urge to walk around and enjoy natur. I looked around and pointed all the elements. Dirt, grass, and trees for earth, wind for air, sun for fire, and well, there's no water. Well, hopefully, my spirit would be uplifted during this walk. I sure did need it. So I walked out to a huge grassy field. I keep walking, and aty once I feel the wind blowing against… Continue

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So, this is how my Imbolc went.

OH... MY... GOSH!!!! Dude! I did the Imbolc ritual yesterday. It was FIRE!!!! lol no pun intended. After I did it I felt this high... Like I was in ecstasy. There was peace within, ya know? I frickin <3d it! Maybe it was the thought that I actually got away with it in a Christian household. Maybe it wasn't really the results of the ritual. But don't tell me that, because I won't believe you. LOL Man, It was ghetto though, lemme tell ya. I had it in the BATHROOM. The toilet was my altar. My… Continue

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Who's ready for Candlemas? I'm ready for Candlemas!

Imbolc is going to be so exciting! This is going to be the first Sabbat that I'm actually going to get to celebrate! Yay Me! Happy Happy Happy... HAPPY! :) I have to get my candles though. :\ They will be in my posession before Monday afternoon. Where, oh where am I going to celebrate this wonderful occasion? Hm. Maybe outside? We shall see. HAPPY!!!!! :D I'm ready to make my nummy food and drink my nummy drink! Dance Dance Dance. So happy! It's really ridiculous how happy I am! I wasn't even… Continue

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My Twin

I have a twin. She's frickin AWESOME!!!! She's not really my twin, but she should be. Really. We have so much in common.

Favorite Colors: Green and purple

Favorite Number: 4

Style: Light Scene :) Everything like a scenie but the HAIR!

Things We Did Yesterday: Broke down 3 times (cried twice) and then made a 93 on our US History test

Random Yet Obvious Fact: We say the same things at the same time. A lot.

Another Random Yet… Continue

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First one

Mood: :-(

Well, I've never really felt the need to post until now. Seriously, I'm so confused. It's like, Okay, I've been Christian since I was 7. When I got here, I wasn't Christian. At all. I didn't even worship Yahweh. Apollo and Artemis were my first two, then it was Aphrodite, then Ix Chel. I was all of theirs. At once. Then, I said, "So many things are happening that are making me wonder whether I'm making the right decision. Nightmares and everything. Then came a bunch of… Continue

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