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your in a cold dark place with know one around, everything seems lost, everything seems pointless, and when there are people around it always seems as if there laughing, you try to cover your ears, and yet the things they say are impossible to tune out, tragedy strikes and reality sits in, there is nothing left to live for, there is nothing holding you here on this plane, seeming impossible thoughts, wanting and yearning for some hand to hold, some shoulder to cry on, someones warmth, someones embrace, shadows dance in the darkness, the only friends you have, humm but there is a light shinning bright casting its beauty on your soul, casting its warm embrace upon you, you've been searching and found my hands to pull you into this light i call my world, friends embracing holding each other up, helping and learning from each others weaknesses, im here for everyone who needs a shoulder to cry on, someone to listen to your trials and pains, someone to comfort you as well as i can with words of wisdom i carry on my heart, humm

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