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It's funny when you move away how people seem to change. I moved to the mountains over a year ago and came back and it took quite some time ot get back into the groove with friends. Then I moved away again to the ocean and I made new friends and close special bonds with new people. I feel so accepted, I don't feel looked down on and I don't feel I have to change who I am.

I am currently visiting home and my old friends haven't really changed, but they are so different from the new people I've met at University. I feel like I am not respected, I was compleletly ignored for the most part. And considering I haven't been home in almost 3 months and they are treating my so poorly I really don't know why I came to visit.

I am now 'home sick' for the Island, and dorms. I miss my new friends. I skyped them and they were so concernd about me. Life is truly amazing. You meet so many different people along the way and you can find people who genuinely care for you. These people don't judge me on my looks, they love me for who I am. They care about my feelings and they want to make sure I am happy.

I love exploring the world and discovering new things.I have never felt so accepted in my entire life and I truly am amazed at how the universe can truly come through for you if you really want it too. Thank you whoever you are that is 'up' there pulling all the fate strings. You truly do love me and because of that I truly love you, whoever ever you are...

Thank you.

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