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With the danger of a personal freedom banned in the future, what can a smart Neopagan do NOW?...

Following my examination of modern Islam and of the impact of so called revealed religions on our everyday life, I like to see what's gonna happen possibly and most likely next. I will like to know your perspective and I will tell you mine. Obviously I see in danger our Paganic freedom in a world largely dominated by Christians and Muslims. Besides ideological extremist thinkers like Al Qaeda or the Christians Opus Dei, the vast majority of the accolades are just following the dictates of their leaders. Then we need to prepare ourselves to fight for our Pagan Credo right of expression, before they will control our freedom, closing us in a cul de sac, like in a virtual prison and in a worst but possible scenario suppressing with violence our Credo and freedom.
Among many examples of today's repression of thought, I like to point out a fancy example, but meaningful, regarding the famous Portoguese soccer coach Jose Mourinho, actual coach of Inter Fc. Milan soccer club. Just today Mourinho was criticized by an Italian Muslim leader and also threatened with death by various Islamic groups, cause he had remarked that one of his players, the Muslim soccer player Mountari, was following too much strictly the rules of Islamic Ramadam, with the result of becoming too weak to play soccer decently.
Everybody can see that the coach was obviously concerned about the team and not surely interested or wanting to offend the Islamic Ramadam ( Muslims around the world are fasting during the Islamic holy month of Ramadan, during which faithful followers abstain from eating or drinking during daylight hours... ). So that we can see again the well known Islamic fanaticism and intolerance at work here!...then its easy to see what is gonna happen next, when the Islamic world, in the years to come, at today's expansion rate, will dominate the masses....WARNING..red flag! Pagans!

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I personally don't have fun or like to bother me and my Neopagan friends with personal vague fears and creations of my mind. If I keep posting in this forum about the danger for our freedom its because the threat is real and in front to us. Furthermore we don't have to underestimate the value of freedom, freedom that at vary levels was always at risk, as we can see reading world history.
Today, examples like the "Mourinho case", are in front of our eyes, showing us an increasing ratio of intolerance by Islamic thinkers, which translates in an attempt to control our personal freedom. In fact I can see, at the opposite of what you say, that extremism and intolerance are rising in the Mohammed accolades world.
In fact at the actual speed rate conversions booming, Islam will become shortly the first religion of the world, overcoming Christianism. There are trustable data on that, made by numbers that cannot be interpreted but just accepted cause they are real.

With the brutal historical Islamic suppression of their own Sufi roots, they canceled the link of the beginning of Islam with ancient Paganism. Then we need to be 100% aware, without any doubts, that the next first religion of the world will see in Paganism another "big Satan" and a rival Credo. Islam is a passional and aggressive religion, there is no doubt that with her spread out in the world this religion will become more potent and intolerant.

As I said in other discussions we are obliged in my opinion to be honest with our analysis. Then we cannot close our eyes in front not just of the attack of Islam to the Western world through his Islamic Jihad or Holy War ( Al Qaeda & co. ), but also of the general behavior of the vast majority of the Muslim masses, even if many are more likely victims, directed and manipulated by their Mullhas, spiritual guides.
The East is rebelling towards West that is represented by Christianism and Hebraism. Everybody which is not a Muslim follower are sinners and enemies, from an Islamic perspective. It is well known that as the other sisters ( Christianism and Judaism ), Islam has perverted his original message of love and peace.
The Qur'an, as we know, like many other revealed books, was in the past and is subject to "personal" gratuitous interpretations, that most of the time are keeping distance from the original message. The basic message of today Islam its a rebellion against everything is not part of Islam!
The final picture we get from all the above elements needs to be well thought and poses a challenge with his threat for the Neopagan world and for all the free thinkers of this planet...
Quran is only tolerant to the People of the Book that is Christians and Muslims, as Islam was born out of the Judeo-Christian faith. In Islam they beleive in 7 prophets, starting from Adam, Moses Abraham even Jesus is considered a Muslim prophet with the last prophet Muhamed.So they convert the pagan Kafir (unbeliever) Kalash the descendants of Macedonian army with the natives living in Afghanistan Pakistan border. I could send you videos about the Bangladeshi muslims treating the Hindus and all that. Myself lived the pogrom in 1956 in Istanbul against the Christians, so the tolerance is only in the book Quran. Actions speak louder than words.Things will get worse especially for the pagans as the founder of this site tries to express, with the danger of his life
Founder, all religions, except Buddhism and Wicca, have blood on their hands. The blood comes from the ancient past, the present and most likely the future. Due to the Anti-Christian movements in Orissa, and around the world, and the fact that pagans have more blood on their hands then mosts others, Christians are a close second, with Muslims closing up to tie the score. Due to racism, intolerance, and other barbaric things that are grossly still in the world. I believe that since we are all Human Beings, or Homo sapiens we all should go and shake each others hand like brothers and as sisters. Or as cousins, due to the fact we are all 52nd cousins to each other.

I have a question though, what is the Mourinho case? I have heard of someone who murdered his own wife and crossed into Canada to be safe from the American death penalty, is that the same case, or another one?

Thank you all for being geniuses in your own right, but someday I'll have my shining movement and those of you who said it cant be done will hear AAR's "Gives You Hell" in your ears.

The gods are great and so is everyone else!

Yeah yeah...yes, stop bro!...wake up!...you don't talk as a smart Neopagan thinker will, ( are you really Pagan Linear?.. ) so let me correct you: this topic is not a course on history, rather than a practical report on the "revealed religions" danger!

Surely history saw a lot of blood here and there... of course ancient Pagans ( some new ones sparse too ...) had blood in their hands, nothin' is perfect in this planet... however my attention is now on our endangered freedom.
Then seems to me that no contemporary Pagan movement, that I know, can be a real threat to us!!... so let me pay attention to what is really happening NOW and BIG on this Earth. Then, from this perspective, the most threatening danger to our freedom is one, is: Islam! Since Islam is becoming the number one religion in the world with all the obvious implications...you know what I mean bro?...

... changin' issue, good luck with your movement, cause if you will ever be succesfull, and Islam will take over, your movement and his leader (you) will be surely one of the many that will be banned, if you lucky or even worst than that...

ps. ( ...do I have to consider your movement and menaces as another possible threat after Islam and Christianism?...lol... )
the world is becoming more individualized and independent and therefore many more will become atheist or pagan. how many pagans were there 50 or 100 years ago compared to now? and how many muslims are there compared to 100 years ago (many of which aren't practicing) there is nothing wrong with islam, except for extremists- and that same problem can be seen in christian history (lasted for 1500 years and christians are still nuts- but they got so nuts they had to change it - themselves (hint)). as more people grow balls and free will, the more people there will be who are not apart of such.. after chaos life relaxes again, and yes if we speak out more will hear.

if something happens it will not affect you, you can not change it but can only help- maybe.
islam is actually a very pleasant religion and the qaran is made of poems. many muslims know this and i believe that if extremists started brain washing other muslims then they wouldn't tolerate it. other than that people who convert to islam - maybe 1 for every few thousand would become a threat.
dont be an idiot- make peace

p.s are you planning an uproar? because that is exactly what paganism is not - just using your words mate.

with the world we live in now a days it is near impossible for people to loose personal freedom (only through government). and people converting to islam- that IS personal freedom and a choice (they aren't being brainwashed. the whole world is wary of islam).
In being a Founder of this communtiy my role is to post my vision and ideas, that sometimes can be in conflict with you or be agreed, I also tried to stay in the background as more as I can and from time to time I appear on forum and discussions, so that you don't feel my presence as a tyrannic one or similar.... However it's my duty to say my truth directly...

jessica, with your ideal unrealistic vision, I feel that you miss my point in your reply. I said in other postings on this issue, that in my opinion the whole modern Islam is for the most manipulated and badly interpreted by their major and minor leaders and consequently by the masses of Islamic World, that are blind followers of those charlatans. So that in my opinion, after also havin' spent years of my life in Islamic countries, the whole Islamic movement is deeply sick and contaminated by these intolerants adds and gratuitous interpretations of Mohammed message.
Consequently even if some Muslim are amazing souls, or some spare Islamic parties still keep the lovely flavor of the gone days of ancient Sufism, this won't change the whole picture of a massive, despotic, intolerant, violent new religion. So that we need to be practical and not to care to sound politically correct but to be honest. I'm not saying that Islam needs to disappear, but surely through our diplomacy, political and spiritual efforts we need to bring back this religion to the ancient roots at least.

The case of Mourinho ( http://www.anorak.co.uk/sports/220987.html
muslims dont think that way, i lived as an expat in the middle east, i went to an american school and a muslim school and therefore i am friends with many from each, and they knew each other- as friends!

muslims DISLIKE WESTERN (not christian and not liking jews is something different and historical and theyd rather ignore them) (dont bring up isreal - thats a different story)

actually, like all other singular believe religions- they dont like pagan (but are tolerant)
(again, because of history, but everyone is learning- and thats all you can do- teach!)

disliking western society has valid points
(and im not saying that terrorist attacks should happen at all!- im just clarifying assumptions)
and im sorry
but all across the globe ppl dont like the u.s
not because of religion
because of "lack" of morality
which is also biased because its based mostly from t.v,,but face it, did anyone LIKE rome when they were in power? or england? - america is the power base, and they only think about their own country. (which is cool, cause they're indirectly in power, but ppl r sick of it cause they can't have both ways and abuse their power)

now- aluminati were christian, and alqaeda are muslim, but not all christians or muslims are extremists

terrorist attacks- you should believe your government will protect you- that is the sole reason of it

what you're afraid of isn't going to happen

if you fight the reply with what you've already been saying then you have no sense and therefore.................. so dont even bother
I already said clearly what I think about modern Islam...facts are facts, they count more of our little experiences, that can lead each of us to different opinions.
Please do not manipulate or misunderstand what I wrote.

Its quite the opposite, facts are in front of us: the everyday stories like the Mourinho case or like the everyday abuse against animals, women, arts in Islamic countries...the Islamic Jihad through terrorism... the exponential growth of Islam that obviously represent a menace for all the rest of us not Muslims! Those are facts, undeniable facts. You can accept them or just close an eye in front of it. It is your choice...furthermore, as I said, personal opinions or interpretations doesn't counts...or if you like better the facts counts first!...

Somebody that in front of those repetitive evidences don't feel or see the threat is surely not wise, neither a smart thinker... I think that my duty as a clayrvoyant free thinker, in front of a real and tangible threat, is to defend myself and my freedom first!... am I clear now Hannah?
Sincerely I do not care of what the first amendment says. America its loosing time with a war that won't change anything. Obama will do much better in promoting a summit for a revision of modern Islam and of his leaders. I'm a free thinker and I don't belong to any country. I'm not interested about US neither about Asia. I follow what my soul and "daimon" is telling me.Furthermore my love for my freedom and your freedom is making my vision of the future and future implications. I'm doing my best not to promote hate but to clarify. It has also to be said that what happen in Us with American Islam people is different from the rest of Islam, so that you can be eventually mislead in your judgement.
You are free to believe what you like. I said what I said and will remain.
Do you know where I live sister?... As a Pagan soul and Founder of this community I say what I like and I believe in, whether you like or not. I don't need here your approval. It is my vision and of whom believes in it.
Still my personal thought I believe, that cannot be interpreted as the vision of all...

And for the last time I will repeat that the Islam challenge to Western society is not just merely a perspective of mine but a fact that is being long debated in the world... please don't bother to reply if you don't feel the danger or feel not to be offended by these history from proven facts.
You are not alone, historical records are full of blind, mediocre thinkers that were always capable to not get the point of things...

Furthermore I cannot interact with people that show to ignore, then to be ignorant, about what's happening today. I mean in the world and not just in a little school of US or whathever....
The 9/11 was planed by your own gov.The organizer of the plan was the gov.and the executioners the radicals.Don't be so naive.Search and you shall.Farewell to your liberties.There are other dark forces behind the puppet presidents..What are you gonna do about forced vacinations.Are you free to say no. Here you will find plenty of information on what your government is preparing for you .You think they care about the american people.We live in the age of globalization and new world order (novus ordo seclorum)Look at the dollar bill.(everything is preplanned)But there is the goddess of Nemesis. http://educate-yourself.org/vcd/burgermeisterwhoforcedvaccinationagenda21jul09.shtml


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