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June 2013 Blog Posts (4)


Freedom is one of the basic rights of human race.

If Edward Snowden did what he did with the only goal to defend privacy and Freedom, then I'm with and for this man. Freedom is a thing that needs to be defended as one of the supreme goods. Our fathers and ancestors, worldwide, fought for freedom...I saw last night Spielberg's movies about Lincoln, a man that was firm in his defense of black people vs. slavery, meaning freedom from slavery. Lincoln was adamant and firm: no slavery…


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talking to people in your sleep

For the last 10 years or more or longer can't remember iv talked to this man and sometimes the people that come with him, last night was first night sleep without him thanks to mugwort, this herb magickal properties aid good sleep, pop it in a little bag under your pillow, i used an old pillowcase to make my pouch, soon as your head hits the pillows you can feel it working almost like the fumes of this herb hit you like breathing in warm air. back this man at one point i feel in love with…


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My Rollercoaster Ride So Far On My Path!!!!!

Over the last few weeks, It has been an amazing rollercoaster ride that has changed my life for ever, when people say their no turning back from this path they are so right. What you see and learn changes you, Your soul and mind evolve you progress further. I started out having come across a wiccan magick school and from their some wonderful things have happened. The first time I meditated I accidently astral projection and found my self in a forest,  It was so beautiful i'd never seen tress…


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The June Bride

Do you know somebody who is? Ya know, June continues to be the most popular month for getting married. So, my theme is The June Bride.

I have some interesting facts about the History of Marriage in Western Culture. And in conjunction, I want to talk about Handfasting - what do we mean by this, and where in our culture does it come from?

Then, we'll have some fun with Symbolism found in Weddings, then some good luck and bad luck associated with getting married.



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