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September 2012 Blog Posts (3)

The Stars of Autumn

Welcome Autumn!

Autumn brings about subtle changes in all of us. Our consciousness begins to shift from the more actively mental to the more psychically receptive state appropriate for the Dark Half of the year. So, this week in honor of Autumn I want to talk about The Stars of Autumn.

And, who are the Stars of Autumn? Firstly, the Great Goddess Herself. I have for you The Charge of the Autumn Goddess. And along with that we'll talk a bit about some of the Astrological forces…


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Celebrating Mabon

Farewell, O Sun; ever-returning Light, The Hidden God, who ever yet remains.

He now departs to the Land of Youth, through the Gates of Death,

to dwell enthroned, as the Horned Leader of the Hosts of Air!

Yet, as He stands unseen without the Circle, so dweleth He within the Secret Seed;

-the Seed of New-reaped grain, the Seed of Flesh;

Hidden in Earth, the marvelous Seed of Stars.

In Him is Life, and Life is the Light of Man. That which was Never Born, Never…


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September, with Thoth and Pomona

This week on The Spiral Dance, let's give a welcome to the month of September! Of course the main feature of September is the Equinox, which is coming up in a couple of weeks. And we'll have our Mabon show at that time.

Meanwhile, let's talk about the Roman festival which was known as the Ludi Romani, which occured in September.

And I also want to talk about the Roman Goddess, Pomona. Pomona was the Roman goddess of orchards and fruit trees, and thus She is closely associated…


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