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March 2012 Blog Posts (6)

On the matter of the heart, self sexual identity and who i am attracted to, in love with, and who i perfer...

Hi and merry meet,


My name is Tanishia and i'm a 20 year old college student who, at this moment is working on a English paper while listening to the Stellar Corpses ( a really good band from Santa Cruz, CA my boyfriend introed. me to; look them  up =] )


my paper is on discrimination with in the LBGTQI ect... community. I like to call it "rainbow" because there are a vast amount of colors, in different shades, neonons, hues,... the "rainbow" or sexual…


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Beyoned the stars....

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The Mansion of Mirrors... Your reflection is my perfection

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Goddess in the Tree

The Goddess in the Tree…


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Early necromancy was likely related to shamanism, which calls upon spirits such as the ghosts of ancestors. Classical necromancers addressed the dead in "a mixture of high-pitch squeaking and low droning", comparable to the trance-state mutterings of shamans.…


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new site for those that want help in energy manipulation

this is a site for those people that need help in energy manipulation in their own bodies and in learning to use the energy that is in your own body to manipulate things that are outside of your body


this is a new site so please sign up and get the conversations started!!! :)

Added by Jonathan on March 7, 2012 at 8:28pm — No Comments

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