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November 2013 Blog Posts (4)

In Dreams I Walk

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Rainbow Warrior

Native Americans sustained their civilizations for 10,000 years living in harmony with nature before the Europeans forced them from their lands and ended their culture.  The white man has been on our soil for barely 300 years and has very nearly destroyed the natural environment, rapaciously taking from the land, giving nothing back.  The endless woodlands are gone.  The rivers and streams are muddied and polluted.  The air increasingly brings asthma and other respiratory…


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Visitation Rites

This week, we talk about Aliens - Extraterestials.

I want to say at the start that I really don't believe in aliens. At least, I'm a doubter - a strong doubter.

Here's what I believe:

I have no doubt that in this vast universe there must be other Intelligent life forms. And, just because we, at our current stage of developement, can't reach them, doesn't mean that they can't reach us - by whatever means they may have.

But the evidence of alien contact is, to me,…


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Home and Hearth

Home and Hearth will be our theme this week. The days are getting ever shorter; the average daytime temperatures are getting ever lower. So, as we move ever deeper into the Season of Cold and Dark, we take the opportunity to look even more Inward.

This is the time of year that calls us back home. We're going to take a look at what The Home has meant to humans down the ages, and how people in different cultures have related to that ever so important part of the home - The…


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